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Best Power Wheelchairs For Outdoor Use

best-power-wheelchairs-for-outdoor-useWhether you have a health condition that prevents you from walking, or simply experience difficulty when you have to be on your feet for too long, indoor and outdoor power wheelchairs provide new opportunities for freedom and independence. Continue reading to learn details and specifications about the 10 best power wheelchairs for outdoor use in 2022.


ComfyGo 6011 Folding Power Wheelchair

If you have been searching for a lightweight electric wheelchair that's available in various color choices, offers different battery options, and is budget-friendly, then consider the ComfyGo 6011 folding wheelchair. It's an outdoor performer and indoor friend.

With a weight capacity up to 265 pounds, this powerful and easy-to-transport wheelchair offers a battery range of up to 13 miles of comfortable mobility on one charge. An optional battery upgrade will increase that range to 25 miles. They are well suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

This well-built electric wheelchair is one of the lighter wheelchairs available on the market. It weighs a total of 67 pounds, including the stock battery.

Its power comes from two separate 250-watt electric motors, and the entire apparatus can be quickly folded up within 3 seconds, which makes transporting it simple and convenient. Its compact size also makes it fit nicely in your vehicle's trunk. 

Order the ComfyGo 6011 folding wheelchair here.


ComfyGo MAJESTIC IQ-7000 Auto Folding Power Wheelchair

Like adventure? The brilliantly designed Majestic IQ-7000 all-terrain electric wheelchair is lightweight, powerful, airline-friendly, and available with optional automatic folding. This durable mobility wheelchair is suitable to transport heavy people, and it features a top speed of 4 mph.

The IQ-7000 comes in five different frame colors that can be combined with four separate textile collars, allowing you to customize your outdoor electric wheelchair to best suit your preferences. It's equipped with a waterproof, intelligent joystick for simplistic 360-degree control. Other attractive points include:

  • Up to 13-mile range

  • 12AH lithium-ion battery

  • 365 pounds weight capacity

  • Two 250W brushless DC motors

  • ON/OFF power button with bright indicator light

This power chair arrives to users fully assembled inside of the box. All you have to do is insert the joystick controller into its position on the armrest and you're ready to go!

Order the Majestic IQ-7000 Here


ComfyGo Majestic IQ-8000 Reclining Power Wheelchair

The Majestic IQ-8000 power wheelchair is an advanced, newly designed travel wheelchair that steps up the accessories of the wildly popular Majestic IQ-7000. This airline-friendly, easy-to-fold chair offers:

  • Powered by lithium ion batteries and two separate DC 250-watt motors

  • Reclining backrest for added comfort

  • Travel range of up to 17 miles

  • 286 pounds weight capacity

  • Perfect for outdoor use

  • A heavy duty frame

The universal intelligent joystick offers 360-degree control for tight turning radius applications. This waterproof joystick easily inserts into the armrest, and accommodates an ON/OFF power button, a battery power indicator light, speed controls, and a horn.

The Majestic IQ-8000’s seat area is 17 1/2 inches wide and 18 inches deep. The seat sits 20 inches up from the ground and the armrests are positioned 9 inches above the seat. The net weight of the IQ 8000, with the battery included, is 55 pounds. It can accommodate up to 286 pounds of weight capacity without getting stuck.

Order the Majestic IQ-8000 Here


ComfyGo X-9 Automatic Reclining Power Wheelchair

The ComfyGo X-9 automatic reclining wheelchair is an innovative and durable personal outdoor and indoor mobility solution. It's been newly designed to include an automatic reclining backrest coupled with automated lifting leg rests, that work in unison or separately as you choose to maximize your comfort in any terrain. Specifications of these built-to-last electric wheelchairs include:

  • Armrests are positioned 9 inches above the seat

  • Seat is positioned 20 inches from the ground

  • 32 ½-inch backrest height (from the seat)

  • 286-pound weight capacity

  • Excellent for outdoor use

  • 17-inch seat depth

  • 18-inch seat width

  • Flat-free wheels

The overall dimensions of ComfyGo X9 all terrain wheelchairs are 36.5’’ x 25’’ x 48.5’’ and it folds compactly to 30’’ x 19’’ x 29’’. This all terrain power wheelchair weighs 86 pounds without its battery, which weighs 6 pounds.

The heavy duty 12AH Li-ion battery requires between four and six hours to fully charge, offering enough power for a range of up to 10 miles. This stylish wheelchair has a top speed of 4mph, and the ability to travel various terrain types, even mud.

Order the ComfyGo X-9 Automatic Wheelchair Here


ComfyGo X-6 Lightweight Power Wheelchair

Weighing less than 50 pounds, the ComfyGo X-6 Lightweight Power Wheelchairs are top-tier mobility solutions for people who don't want to be weighed down by heavy gear. It allows you to travel up to 10 miles with its standard 12AH lithium-ion battery, and up to 17 miles with the optional battery upgrade.

The maximum loading weight capacity of the ComfyGo X6 is 265 pounds. Its seat is positioned 21 inches above the ground, and its armrests sit 9 inches above the seat. The seat itself is 17 inches deep by 17 1/2 inches wide. Its backrest is 15 1/2 inches in height.

This lightweight yet very durable outdoor power wheelchair is able to handle weights up to 265 pounds. It has a top speed of 4 mph and offers a waterproof 360-degree universal joystick that allows simplistic control of this all-terrain wheelchair. You'll find an ON/OFF power button, speed selection buttons, and even a horn built into the conveniently located joystick.

Order the ComfyGo X-6 Here


ComfyGo Carbon Fiber LightWeight Power Wheelchair

Do you enjoy an active lifestyle and all terrain outdoor activities? If so, the easy-to-fold ComfyGo carbon fiber lightweight power wheelchair offers an extended battery life and travel range. It's also one of the lightest electric wheelchairs on the market today at just 47 pounds.

Don't let the light weight fool you though, this power wheelchair is very durable as it is constructed with high tensile carbon fiber. It's easy to transport, making it the right model and a perfect travel companion even over long distances.

The heavy duty ComfyGo Carbon Fiber wheelchair runs on two separate 180-watt brushless motors. Its joystick control allows easy navigation with a tight turning radius on various different types of terrain and flooring.

It's also innovatively designed, offering loads of convenient storage spots that you can access from your comfortable seated position. It folds away compactly and fits easily into the trunks of most vehicles. It's great outdoors and inside too.

Order the ComfyGo Phoenix Carbon Fiber power wheelchair here!


Journey Health and Lifestyle Zinger Folding Power Wheelchair

The Zinger folding power wheelchair by Journey Health and Lifestyle is not your typical power chair. Rather, it is a personalized electronic vehicle featuring dual lever steering, like that you see on a zero-turn lawnmower. This ultra-responsive driving capability allows users to enjoy a 24-inch turning radius, letting you nimbly maneuver a smooth ride wherever you need to go.

One of the best power wheelchairs for all terrain scenarios, the heavy duty Zinger offers three separate speed settings:

  • 1 mph

  • 3 mph

  • 6 mph

Plus, there's a reverse gear that allows solid traction and easy travel of up to one mile per hour. This all terrain electric wheelchair drives comfortably on most surfaces, outdoors or indoors, including on different types of rough surfaces like gravel, dirt, and grass. And talk about lightweight, the Zinger is only 42 pounds without its battery, 47 pounds with the battery installed. Your search for a lightweight mobility scooter is over!

These all terrain wheelchairs fold away easily with the single pull of its release cable. And, in its folded position, you can wheel it around like a piece of luggage. It's simplistic yet effective design is perfect for everyday living, and its compact 25-inch width makes it fit through standard 32-inch doorways easily. It's one of the best power wheelchair options anywhere!

Order the Journey Zinger Here


Journey Health and Lifestyle Zoomer Folding Power Wheelchair

Like the Journey Zinger, the Journey Zoomer is much more than an electric all terrain wheelchair. Great for outdoor use, it’s a heavy duty personal mobility device that some consider to be the future of electrical transportation. It features a 33.4-inch turning radius, meaning it can turn on a dime, even on outdoor surfaces, much more agilely than most other mobility chairs. These wheelchairs are for users who frequently need to navigate small spaces.

Journey Zoomer multi terrain wheelchairs offer five separate speed settings, ranging from zero to 3.7 mph. Any wheelchair user can control the 360-degree intelligent joystick with one hand for dependable precision, indoors or out. A single-pull release cable enables safe and fast folding, and it’s able to be wheeled about like a piece of luggage.

Journey Health and Lifestyle Zoomer mobility scooters are ultra-lightweight, tipping the scales at just 45.8 pounds without the battery (only 49.8 pounds with the battery). It’s ADA-friendly and its 25-inch-wide design easily fits through standard 32-inch doors. Plus, these attractive power wheelchairs are capable of driving on outdoors inclines up to 10 degrees.

Order the Journey Zoomer Here


EWheels EW-M48 Electric Power Wheelchairs

EW-M48 EWheels Power Wheelchairs offer the epitome of comfort and styling. Standard equipment on these terrain wheelchairs includes a super-comfortable deluxe 20-inch captain’s chair - featuring a swivel seat, adjustable angle backrest, and flip-up armrests.

EWheels M48 heavy duty power chairs are equipped with 10-inch front wheels that position the driving wheels at the operator’s center of gravity, making this one of the best all terrain electric wheelchairs available. It delivers superb traction through its large wheels in multiple outdoor terrain types, superb for outdoor use.

Can electric wheelchairs go on gravel? Rough terrain, snow, sand, and uneven surfaces are no problem for these mobility scooters. These rugged power chairs effortlessly and safely maneuver on grass, dirt, soft sand, and even mud. Of all of the different models available, the M48 is definitely one of the best off road power mobility products on the market.

This powerful and stylish electric wheelchair has a top speed of 4.2 mph, features a 24-inch tight turning radius, and can handle a weight capacity as much as 300 pounds for a distance of up to 14.2 miles. This chair is very impressive when compared against any other electric mobility device.

The EWheels EW-M48 chair also features side and rear reflectors, an optional left or right-handed extendible joystick, heavy duty flat-free wheels, a 3-angle adjustable footplate, an electronic horn - and separate front, center, and rear suspension. So many wheelchair users love this model. No further need to search!

Order the EWheels EW-M48 Here


Merits Health P322 Vision Portable Folding Power Wheelchair

The Vision P322 Power Chair from Merits Health is a superb all-around chair for your daily needs. It covers all of your bases and has built-in accessories to ensure excellent performance and superior value. The P322 all terrain power wheelchair offers a maximum travel speed of four miles an hour, with a drive range of up to 18 miles with the battery fully charged.

And while this all terrain wheelchair is well equipped to handle grass, dirt, and gravel, it's also an excellent choice for indoor use with its tight turning radius of only 21 inches. These outdoor power wheelchairs deliver superior handling abilities, due largely to their front wheel drive systems, which makes maneuvering tight corners and narrow hallways a breeze in this chair.

Vision outdoor power wheelchairs offer a streamlined design, stylish appearance, simple maintenance, and easy-to-access charging directly on the heavy duty joystick. Accessing and removing the battery is simple and fast. It’s certainly one of the best all terrain power wheelchair options on the market.

Order the P322 Vision Here

Best Power Wheelchair for Outdoor Use: Summary

So, as you can see, there are loads of awesome all terrain wheelchair options on the market. Which is the best off road power wheelchair? The answer to that comes down to your personal preferences, needs, and requirements.

If you're interested and have questions about any of the high-quality outdoor power wheelchairs above, please feel free to contact our friendly and helpful team at (877) 699-9227 or Visit Us Online. We are always here to help you with accurate advice, the best pricing, and superior customer love!

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