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Zoomer Chair vs Zinger Chair


The Journey Health and Lifestyle Zoomer chair and Zinger Chair both look very similar, and have the same pricing. So, what's the difference between a Zoomer and a Zinger Chair?

Below we will make a list of the exact specifications of both the Zoomer chair and the Zinger Chair for your convenience.

Main differences Between Zoomer Chair and Zinger Chair

Weight: Zoomer Chair weighs 2.8 pounds more than the Zinger Chair.

Mode of operation: The Zoomer chair is operated via joystick and the Zinger Chair is operated via two lever controls (both hands needed for operation).

Top Speed: The Zoomer Chair's top speed is 3.7 mph, while the Zinger Chair's top speed is 6 mph.

Wheels: The Zoomer Chair's wheels are both solid and slightly larger than the Zinger Chairs'. The Zinger Chair only has solid front wheels, the back wheels are air filled for more cushioning.

Rotation: the Zoomer Chair has a larger rotation radius, which means it won't rotate as well as the Zinger Chair.

Battery: The Zoomer Chair has a 24 volt 8.76Ah, 240 watt-hours; the Zinger Chair has 36V, 6.6Ah, lithium-ion.

Motor: The Zoomer Chair has a two DC 24 volt 220-watt motors, while the Zinger Chair has one DC 36V, 250W, 7A.

Color Options: The Zoomer Chair comes in Black, and Blue Options. The Zinger Chair comes in Black, Blue, Green colors.

Range: Both have the same top range.

Exact Specifications For Both Zoomer and Zinger Chairs: 

Zoomer Chair Zinger Chair
Overall Weight: 49.8 lb
Weight of Chair: 45.8 lb
Weight of Battery: 4 lb
Overall Weight: 47 lbs
Weight of Chair: 42 lbs
Weight of Battery: 5 lbs
Speed Settings
Five-speed settings – speed ranges from 0-3.7 mph
Speed Settings
Three speed settings: 0-6 mph; and Reverse: 0-1 mph
Height: 35"
Height with Arm Rails: 25.5"
Length: 34"
Width: 25"
Folded Size
Height: 12"
Length: 46"
Width: 25"
Height: 35"
Height with Armrests: 25"
Length: 31"
Width: 25"
Folded Size
Height: 10"
Length: 36"
Width: 25"
Wheel Dimensions
Front wheels: 8" solid
Rear wheels: 10" solid
Wheel Dimensions
Front Wheels: 6" non-marking solid
Rear Wheels: 9" non-marking air-filled
Steering/braking system:
Steering/Braking System:
Two lever controls (hardened steel on tire brake/knurled roller on tire drive)
Rotation Radius: 33.4" (850 mm) Rotation Radius: 24" (610 mm)
Battery: 24 volt 8.76Ah, 240 watt-hours, lithium-ion 4-lb highest quality cells Battery: 36V, 6.6Ah, lithium-ion 4 lb (1.8kg) highest quality cells
Motor: Two Brushless DC 24 volt, 220-watt Motor: DC 36V, 250W, 7A
Colors: Black, Blue Colors: Black, Blue, Green


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