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HandyScoot Review

HandyScoot Review

In 2021-2022 SmartScoot was acquired by a new business owner and was renamed to Handyscoot. The product is the same, the only difference is it's name! We will be referring to the personal mobility device by both of it's names in this article.

HandyScoot Review - Folding 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter

HandyScoot Side View

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When is comes to foldable mobility scooters, there has been more new models coming out every year with new features, specifications and prices. The abundance of options sometimes makes it a difficult task to choose the perfect option for you.

We will be reviewing the Handyscoot mobility scooter, and sharing the features we find most important for a portable mobility scooter. Some of the things to look for when shopping for a new mobility scooter are the speed, weight capacity, travel range, and it's travel certifications.

The SmartScoot aka Handyscoot mobility scooter is a barebones mobility scooter built with a focus on creating a super portable, folding 3 wheel mobility scooter. Although it's appearance is very minimal, its power and functionality make it one of the best portable mobility scooters on the market.

SmartScoot | Handy Scoot Specifications


  • Up to 9 mph

Weight Limit

  • 350 pounds

Maximum Travel Range

  • Up to 15 miles on a single charge

Airline travel mobility scooter

  • Handyscoot mobility scooter comes with an eight-amp hour lightweight lithium battery with a UN. PT III 38.3 certification for airline travel. For more airline travel mobility scooters click here.


  • Faster than most travel mobility scooter options

  • High weight limit of 350 pounds

  • Folding mobility scooter allows for maximum portability

  • Hub motor

  • Tiller to hook your luggage bag


  • Basic appearance

  • Small battery

HandyScoot Folding Electric Scooter Features

  • Barebone folding frame design

  • Folding tiller

  • Removable seat

  • Three-speed settings (3 mph, 6 mph, and 9 mph)

  • There are footrests just above the front wheel for your feet and a front basket for small items.

Accessories included

Battery with Charger, Basket, Luggage Bar, and Handlebar Light

Handyscoot Technical Specs

Weight: 42 lbs
Dimensions: 39 × 22 × 37 in

Folding Mobility Scooter Buyer's Guide

HandyScoot Labeled

Are you looking to travel ?

If you want to travel in the near feature and want to bring along your mobility scooter on the plane, you must purchase a mobility scooter that has airline travel certifcations. If your mobility scooter does not have a certification, then it cannot be brought on board the airplane.

Do you want a fast mobility scooter?

Mobility scooter options come in a wide range of speeds Most typical mobility scooters travel at around 4-5 miles per hour which is a little above the average human walking speed of bout 3 to 4 miles per hour. Slower speed allows for less power usage typically, so the battery will take you a longer distance.

There are also mobility scooter options with higher speed limits, that may not go as far but will get you to your desired location in a shorter amount of time. As with the Handyscoot folding scooter, which can go aboout 15 miles on a 2 hour charge.

Do you need a mobility scooter that folds?

Mobility scooters come in all shapes and sizes from 3 wheel mobility scooters, to 4 wheel mobility scooters, large mobility scooters with larger batteries, to smaller mobility scooters with smaller batteries.

Portability is a huge factor for a lot of people as some of these mobility scooter options can weight up to 80 pounds or more!

Depending on your needs, you have a wide range options to choose from. Each different type of mobility scooter has their own pros and cons.

Handyscoot Folding 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter FAQ

What is the price of this scooter?

Although this isn't the CHEAPEST folding mobility scooter on the market, it is fairly priced for what it offers. The SmartScoot mobility scooter is a rare find.

Is the HandyScoot travel mobility scooter durable?

The HandyScoot mobility scooter is top 3 when it comes to 3 wheel mobility scooter options. Most folding scooters do not have the durability to be able to hold 350 pounds, which is important if you also want to carry luggage.

Is the Handyscoot travel mobility scooter fast?

The Handyscoot folding mobility scooter is also almost twice as fast as typical hub motor folding mobility scooter. A typical folding 3 wheel mobility scooter goes up to 4 mph, the handyscoot folding mobility scooter goes up to 9 mph.

What are the dimensions of the handyscoot travel mobility scooter?

  • Folded with Seat: 27" H x 39" L x 22" W

  • Folded without Seat: 17.5" H x 39" L x 22" W

Does the Handyscoot folding scooter have a warranty?

Yes, it does! The Handyscoot mobility scooter limited warranty extends up to 2 years.

  • Structural Frame under normal use conditions.

  • All components, including motor, brakes, electrical, and axles under normal use conditions.

  • Battery under normal use conditions.

Where to buy Smartscoot - portable travel mobility scooter?

We sell the SmartScoot portable mobility scooters! Click here to buy your SmartScoot today.


In this article we discussed what we have found to be some of the most important things we have learned based on Handyscoot reviews from customers. The Handyscoot mobility scooter is manufactured with a hub motor in the front wheel that makes it super nimble around obstacles. The handyscoot folding scooter weighs a mere 42 pounds, is airline travel approved as a personal mobility device.

The compact scooter utilizing it's battery charger, will charge the Handyscoot electric scooter to full charge in 2 hours. The Handyscoot folding scooter is a truly portable ride with forward and reverse modes, with up to 15 miles of range. The Handyscoot mobility scooter is the ultimate travel mobility scooter in a very minimalistic form.

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