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Mojo Mobility Scooter Reviews

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Mobility scooters are both a fun and, sometimes essential way for people to get around. Over the years, the technology has improved to tailor towards people's specific needs.

Some examples of specific needs a customer may want in their mobility scooters is the ability for it to be fully folded with a remote control, a softer ride with air filled or honeycomb tires, a longer travel distance, easy super light weight lifting, and the list goes on.

The Mojo mobility scooters come in two different options and price ranges, with a variety of different colors to choose from. The Mojo mobility scooters are a brand new option, manufactured by Enhance Mobility.

Enhance Mobility have been in business since 2014, and are the creators of one of the highest speed folding mobility scooters, the Triaxe Sport Scooter. The Triaxe Sport Scooter has a speed of up to 12mph and a range of up to 35 miles.

The new Mojo mobility scooter is tailored for the customer who is looking for a fairly priced compact mobility scooter with high quality components, with decent speed and ability to easily store away.

Mojo Mobility Scooter Review

Enhance Mobility Mojo Scooter - MJ101

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Since you're reading this article, we are going to assume that you are interested in a electric mobility scooter but aren't sure which to choose since there are so many different options nowadays. In this Mojo mobility scooter review we will be going over this specific model's specifications, it's pros/cons, and answer some frequently asked questions.

Folding Mobility Scooter

One of the main strengths of the mojo mobility scooter is their ability to fold into a compact size, that can easily fit into a car boot, closet, or any other location for storage.

There are two models available.

As you may imagine, the auto folding mobility scooter option is slightly more expensive. It can fold up automatically using a remote control. This makes it super convenient if you want to travel. At the click of a button, the mobility scooter will be folded into the size of a luggage bag.

Fully folded using either the auto folding, or the manual folding option, the unit is only 19 inches wide by 20 1/2 inches in length.

Airline Approved Battery

Enhance Mobility was very focused on portability and travel convenience when they design the Mojo travel mobility scooter. Not only can you click a button to fold up the travel mobility scooter, but it is also approved for airline travel!

The Mojo Auto folding mobility scooter, and the manual folding mobility scooter options both have batteries that are clear to fly, so the next time you travel you can take your mobility scooter along with you.

Airless tires

The new honeycomb tires that are included with the Mojo deliver the comfort of air tires, with the security of airless tires. You no longer have to worry about flat tires when cruising around.

The honeycomb style tires are tires that do not require air, similar to solid tires. Except, they have gaps in the material that allow for some cushioning when doing over uneven surfaces, similar to what a tire filled with air would feel like.

Honeycomb tires will not pop if you roll over a tack, or a sharp piece of glass. Making it the ultimate hybrid between comfort and safety for your travel mobility scooter.

Maximum Speed and Distance

The maximum speed on both the auto folding Mojo and the manual folding model is 3.75 miles per hour, which is about the speed of an average human walking at a medium pace.

The maximum distance on the Mojo travel mobility scooter is about 13 miles on a full charge.

Weigh Capacity

One of the biggest strengths of the Mojo travel mobility scooter is it's weight capacity which is about 300lbs. The average mobility scooters have a weight capacity of around 250, sometimes even less for folding travel mobility scooters


  • Remote control auto-folding capability

  • Easy light weight lifting

  • Honeycomb tires that wont puncture, but provide a smooth ride

  • Easily split the travel mobility scooter into multiple pieces for storage

  • Large weight capacity

  • Approved for air travel - travel friendly

  • Warranty

  • Battery charger & battery included

  • Key switch


  • Not as fast as some other models

  • Larger than some other folding mobility scooters

Travel Mobility Scooter Buyer's guide

Enhance Mobility Mojo Scooter - MJ101

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Should I get a 3 wheel or 4 wheel mobility scooter?

The choice of whether to have a 3 wheel or a 4 wheel mobility scooter comes down to a few factors. If you are looking for a more stable, and sturdy mobility scooter, usually the four wheel models are the most sturdy, especially over uneven surfaces. They are usually a more comfortable of ride compared to three wheel models.

The benefit of three wheel models is that they are usually more nimble and lightweight due to the frame requiring less parts. They can still be very powerful and sturdy, but over uneven surfaces they won't feel as comfortable as 4 wheel models.

Should I get an auto folding or a manual folding mobility scooter?

Whether you need a manual folding mobility scooter or a auto folding mobility scooter comes down to the price you want to pay, your physical capabilities, and your desires from your travel mobility scooter.

Usually the manual folding scooters are easily folded just like the auto folding, but of course it must be done by hand. If you cannot bend over to fold the scooter, or are are prioritizing convenience we recommend an auto folding travel mobility scooter. The automatic folding scooters usually come with a remote control t, along with the features of an automatic folding mobility scooter is the higher price point.

Is speed or distance more important for you?

If you're looking to go further distances you will want a larger and more comfortable travel mobility scooter with a sturdy frame. Other features you may want if the overall length of your ride will be greater is a comfortable seat and a backrest.

If you are not going as far of distances, then you may want a faster travel mobility scooter that may not go the same distance, but will get you to your desired location faster.

Do I need a lightweight travel mobility scooter?

Lightweight mobility scooters have the obvious benefit of being easy light weight lifting, sometimes like in the case of the Mojo auto folding mobility scooter they can be easily split as well.

Many of the travel mobility scooters also come with airline approved batteries, click here for a collection of airline approved scooters.

The downside of the lightweight models is that their batteries are smaller, and typically the motors as well. Therefore, they won't go nearly as far as a heavy duty mobility scooter.


The Mojo Mobility scooter coming in two models. The manual and auto folding models. Depending on your budget you can decide which would be best for you. The Mojo is one of the only scooters on the market with honeycome tires that is airline approved, and has a large weight capacity. Get your Mojo Mobility Scooter today!

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