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So Lite Glide Walker Reviews

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Remember that time when you helped your granny look for something in the kitchen, simply because she was both bending forward and shuffling sluggishly as she walked? Guess what: she did not lose her contacts at that time. Nor did she drop anything for that matter. 

She was suffering from a bad case of back pain. You did not think of asking her what was going on, did you? It's OK. We have all been there.

The next time you see your granny doing the same thing, do her a favor by gifting her the So Lite Glide Rollator Walker.

What Is the So Lite Glide Rollator Walker?

Back-related conditions can hamper our ability to walk upright. Such a condition is common among seniors and even young people with back problems. Thanks to the So Lite Glide Backsaver Rollator Walker, walking upright will not be a problem anymore.

Manufactured and distributed by Journey Health and Lifestyle, these upright walkers will help you maintain a straight body posture as you walk toward your destination. With ergonomics and portability as its main features, the So Lite Glide upright folding rollator is currently your best choice in the market, especially if you are into quality and durability.

So Lite Glide Backsaver Rollator Walker

Walk straight with the So Lite Glide Backsaver Rollator Walker.

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The So Lite Glide Backsaver Rollator Walker is tailored for people who have difficulty walking upright. The So Lite Glide is highly portable because it folds easily and has a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum frame. These upright walkers pack a ton of features that ensures optimal comfort and convenience, such as padded handles, seat support tubes, nonskid handbrakes, and locking reflectors, to name a few.

So lite glide Features and Benefits

Lightweight and Portable
  • Weighing at only 23 lbs, the So Lite Glide upright walker is easy to carry around. 

  • The So Lite Glide Backsaver frame folds easily and enables users to put the So Lite Glide in the trunk or back seat of the car.

  • Touch technology makes folding quick, convenient, and hassle-free.

  • When in compact mode, the So Lite Glide Backsaver Rollator Walker measures only around 11 inches tall and 18 inches long.

  • Unlike most upright rollator walkers which are only ideal on paved surfaces, the So Lite Glide is also perfect for uneven surfaces, such as on lawns, parks, and the like. 

Ergonomic Design
  • Comes with an elbow rest, which allows users to distribute their weight on their arms and shoulders instead of their hands and wrists.

  • Has an adjustable backrest that you can use when you take a rest on the So Lite Glide’s fabric seat.

  • Its wide wheelbase offers enough room for you to move your legs as you walk. At the same time, the nonskid wheels are spread wide apart for better balance and security.

Superior Quality and Make
  • Its mesh seat is made from durable fabric and has a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs.  

  • These upright walkers are made from high-quality, lightweight aluminum alloy. 

  • Unlike competitive products, this upright folding rollator walker is fitted with lightweight aluminum wheels.

Ensures User Safety 
  • Its nonskid wheels keep you steady and upright all the time.

  • The ergonomically designed dual braking system is easy to use. Simply squeeze the lever to activate it.

  • The innovative braking system with push lever capability to lock the wheels in place.

  • Front and rear reflectors help keep users safe from rushing cyclists or passersby.

  • The lightweight aluminum wheels can be locked in place using the brake lock.

  • Unlike competitive products, the So Lite Glide's brake cables connected to the nonskid handbrakes are hidden to prevent snags.

Maximum Comfort and Convenience
  • The adjustable armrests enable users to adjust them according to their height for improved comfort. 

  • The So Lite Glide upright folding rollator walker also has an umbrella/cane holder, tumbler holder, and a personal item bag where you can put your purse, wallet, and other essentials that you love to take with you while walking.

  • Comes with a seat, enabling users to rest after a long walk.

  • Padded armrests add comfort to the user.

  • Manual locks are tight and make folding and height adjustments quick and easy.

  • Has seat rail extensions and ample seat depth for optimal comfort.

 So Lite Glide Backsaver Rollator Walker Specifications 
Dimensions When Unfolded

Length: 28 inches

Width: 26.75 inches

Arm Rest Height: 34.75 to 45.75 inches

Seat Height (from the ground): 21 inches

Handle Height: 26.5 inches

Dimensions When Folded

Height: 9 inches 

Length: 28 inches

Width: 42 inches

Seat Width: 17.38 inches

Seat Depth: 9.5 inches

Weight and Wheel Size

So Lite Glide Weight: 19.25 lbs.

So Lite Glide Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.

Front Wheels: 10 inches

Rear Wheels: 8 inches


The price of the So Lite Glide Upright Folding Rollator is moderately expensive because it costs anywhere between $500 and $600. Compared to the other upright walkers, like Journey Health and Lifestyle's Perfect Walker Upright Rollator, the So Lite Glide costs twice as much.  

However, you should understand that the So Lite Glide Backsaver Rollator Walker is a high-end mobility product. Given its highly ergonomic design and the quality of materials used, it is not surprising why this equipment comes off as pricey.

The Bottomline—Our Takeaway on the So Lite Glide Backsaver Rollator Walker

Overall, the So Lite Glide Backsaver is a well-designed upright rollator walker. From the dual braking system and the foldable aluminum frame to the manual locks, padded handles, and front and rear reflectors, the So Lite Backsaver assures you will walk upright safely and without experiencing any discomfort. 

Portability is not an issue because the So Lite Glide Backsaver has a foldable lightweight frame. You can pop these upright walkers in the trunk or back seat anytime.

The same applies to user customization when it comes to folding and height adjustments. With the adjustable backrest, seat height, and armrests, users can easily adjust the So Lite Glide according to their preferences.

When it comes to cost, however, the So Lite Glide Backsaver leans toward the pricey side. This upright folding rollator walker focuses heavily on high-grade materials in creating the So Lite Glide upright walker. For this reason, you have reliable mobility equipment that has superior make and an even longer lifecycle, unlike competitive products.

Who is the Journey Health and Lifestyle So Lite Glide Rollator for?

Journey Health and Lifestyle offers the So Lite Glide Rollator to people with serious back issues, such as seniors, among others. The So Lite Glide’s adjustable lightweight aluminum frame, multiple safety features, and impressive portability are tailor-made for the needs of elderly people. 

Young adults who are experiencing similar issues may also use the So Lite Glide to maintain an upright posture while walking. This upright folding rollator walker can also be used for rehabilitative purposes, particularly for athletes and war veterans who have back-related problems or mobility concerns.

Walk Upright Now with the So Lite Glide Rollator!

The So Lite Glide Backsaver Rollator Walker is the ideal mobility equipment for seniors and even younger folks with back-related issues who want to walk upright conveniently and comfortably. The So Lite Glide offers tons of benefits, including various safety features, such as:

  • Push and pull lever brake locks system

  • Nonskid wheels

  • Convenient manual locks

  • Locking reflectors

  • Lightweight frame

  • Adjustable backrest

  • Dual braking system

  • Seat rail extensions

Moreover, this upright folding rollator walker has outstanding ergonomics, considering every possible aspect to ensure optimal comfort. The seat depth, seat height, and padded armrests are just some of the minor features that are indicative of this device's superior design. Even the Glide’s brake cables, which are hidden to prevent snags, are also worth noting.

So, is the So Lite Glide Backsaver Rollator Walker worth having? Yes! That's because the So Lite Glide upright folding rollator has everything that you are looking for in a mobility device, quality- and feature-wise. Though pricey, you are certain the Glide is nowhere near a knockoff brand.

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