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So Lite Scooter Reviews

Journey Health & Lifestyle So Lite Scooter Review

The So Lite Mobility scooter by Journey Health and Lifestyle is a revolutionary new folding scooter that offers a sleek, lightweight design and advanced features for enhanced mobility and independence.

The So Lite Mobility scooter is very compact. It's easy-to-use controls and portability makes this unit perfect for individuals with mobility challenges who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The So Lite is designs to provide a comfortable, and smooth ride with it's padded seat, and large tires. It's powerful motor allows for a maximum speed of 5 miles per hour, making it easy to keep up with your friends, family or pets! It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

One of the standout features for the So Lite scooter is it's design, weighing in at only 40.8 pounds! This makes it easy to transport, whether it's being loaded into a car trunk, or stored in a small space in your home. Additionally, the So Lite scooter comes assembled and never need to be disassembled.

The So Lite scooter offers a wide range of convenient features to make your daily routine easier. The undercarriage basket, front bag, rear bag, and even a cup holder are all included making your essentials easy to carry with you on the go.

The LED lights on the front of the So Lite scooter frame provides visibility in low-light conditions. Another super convenient feature is the removable battery. The So lite scooter's battery allows you to charge the battery at any time. Removing the rechargeable battery from the So Lite scooter makes the lightweight folding mobility scooter even more lightweight.

Journey Health & Lifestyle So Lite Scooter Review

Journey Health & Lifestyle So Lite Scooter Gray


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Above we have listed some of the features of the So Lite scooter. Let's go more into the pros and cons of this model's specifications and make a recommendation on who we think this model would be a good fit for.

So Lite Specifications


Scooter Length: 39.5"
Scooter Width: 21.5"
Scooter Height: 37"

Folded Dimensions
Length: 39"
Width: 21"
Height: 17"

Seat Dimensions
Width: 17"
Height: 18"

Scooter Weight w/o Batteries: 40.8 lbs
Scooter Weight with Batteries: 44.5 lbs
Weight Limit: 275 lbs

Wheel Size
Front: 6"
Back: 10"

Max Speed: 5 mph
Max Climbing Gradient: 
Min Turning Radius: 45"
Max Mid-frame Ground Clearance: 4"

So Lite Folding Scooter Top Features

Weight Capacity

The So Lite lightweight folding scooter's maximum weight capacity is about 275 pounds. This is a very strong frame! The entire unit weighs 40.8 pounds without the battery. So, the fact that it can hold up to 275 pounds is very impressive.

Although it's not the highest weight capacity of all the folding scooter options on the market, it's on the higher range for most lightweight mobility scooters.


The So Lite folding scooter has a top speed of 5 miles per hour, thats about an average jogging speed. This is actually faster than most other mobility scooters on the market that typically have a speed around 4 miles per hour.

Although it's definitely not the fastest, this is a good speed for most people's needs.

For a collection of the fastest mobility scooters on the market click here.

Battery life

The battery will take you up to eight miles on a single 6 hour charge.

This is not the best battery life of we have seen, but it's also not the worst. The battery life is average. We believe that the battery life/maximum distance you are able to travel has been decreased in an effort to increase the portability of the unit which is one of it's major strengths.

Airline Approved

Journey Health & Lifestyle So Lite Scooter Battery

The So Lite scooter's battery is FAA-approved. The So Lite can be used in the airport all the way up until it's time to board the plane.

When it's time to board the plane, the battery is carried on, while the scooter folds and is treated like oversized luggage.

Safety Features & Technology

The So Lite scooter's safety features is really where this folding scooter shines!

The So Lite Scooter seamlessly integrates the stability and safety of a 4-wheel scooter with the smaller size and convenience of a 3-wheel folding scooter. 

Electronic Stability Control is a feature very unique to the So Lite scooter. We have never seen a model that incorporates it into their scooters. With the Electronic Stability Control the So Lite Scooter slows down as you approach turns, ensuring you don't tip over. Even when turning at full speed the So Lite Scooter slows down enough to allow you to turn safely. 


  • Lightweight

  • Airline Approved

  • High weight capacity

  • Remove battery

  • Electronic stability control

  • FREE Undercarriage Basket, Front/Rear Bag, Cup Holder

So Lite Scooter Cup Holder


  • Max range of 8 miles

  • 6 hour charge time


4-Wheel Mobility Scooter Buying Guide


Portability or Stability?

Typically, the three wheel folding scooter options are more lightweight, nimble, and portable. But, those benefits come with the downside of less stability, and comfort.

Four wheel mobility scooters are typically slightly heavier, have larger batteries, and a more solid and stable frame.

The So Lite lightweight mobility scooter is a mix between four wheel scooter, and three wheel scooters. The front two wheels are close together, almost making it look like the scooter is a three wheel scooter. The four wheels come together t0 provide a more stable ride along with the electronic stability control. The smaller form factor makes it narrow enough to easily fit through standard household door frames.


So Lite Scooter Speed Dial

The speed you need will come down to preference, and what you will need the scooter for.

Typically mobility scooters have a range of 3.5 to 5 miles per hour which is about a average walking speed to a light jogging speed.


The range you need will be determined by what you will be using the scooter for.

If you are going to need it for only small distances, it's best to get a lightweight folding scooter since they will take up less space, and typically are more affordable.

If you will be taking them on rides of over 10 miles or more, we recommend a larger mobility scooter. Although it will not be nearly as portable, you will be able to ride with a lot more comfort and typically at faster speeds.

Click here to check out the best long range mobility scooters.

So Lite Mobility Scooter - Frequently Asked Questions

What are medicare requirements to get a 4 wheel mobility scooter?

Medicare Part B also known as Medical Insurance partially covers power-operated vehicles. (scooters), walkers, and wheelchairs as durable medical equipment (DME). You will need to make multiple trips to your doctor to prove a list of disabilities. Click here to see the list.

We however do not take insurance due to the lengthy process; we typically recommend those who can afford it to purchase the item either with a payment plan, or with their credit card to avoid the interest caused by a payment plan.


The So Lite scooter is a great option for someone looking for a folding scooter that merges the benefits of both a stable 4 wheel scooter and a nimble 3 wheel scooter.

Weighing in at at only 44.5 pounds, and having a weight capacity of 275 pounds the So Lite scooter is extremely lightweight, and FAA airline approved.

The So Lite scooter does not compromise when it comes to safety features either! The So Lite scooter intelligently slows when turning corners.

We highly recommend this unit for someone looking for a versatile 4 wheel folding scooter that comes standard with a undercarriage basket for your belongings, a cup holder, front bag, and a rear bag.

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