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The Perfect Sleep Chair Reviews

The Perfect Sleep Chair Reviews

Most mattresses are great for relaxation and sleep, but they might not be the perfect cure for achy joints, back pains, and the inability of your body and brain to relax. And that's where a sleep chair comes in.

A sleeping chair is precisely what you need if you'd like to enjoy maximum rest and get yourself back in shape. From a good night's sleep to pain relief, improved digestion, and more, there are many things you can gain from using this lift chair.

It doesn't end there, though. Besides getting a sleep chair, you also need to ensure that you get the best sleep chair, and in that case, Journey Health and Lifestyle Perfect Sleep Chair takes the crown, and rightly so.

From an infinite number of positions to its steel frame and high-quality leather, this sleep chair has it all and more. And to make you see why you can't go wrong with this chair, we've put together an honest review of the product and all it offers.

The Perfect Sleep Chair: A Quick Overview

If a good night's sleep is on your priority list, then Journey Health and Lifestyle The Perfect Sleep Chair is just what you need. This sleeping chair is made in the USA with zero compromises on quality. And in case you doubt that, the lifetime warranty attached to every sleep chair is enough to put anyone at ease.

The Perfect Sleep Chair is handcrafted with high-quality, sturdy hardwoods and is wear-and-stain resistant. Experts hand-sewn and stitched each fabric, and you'd see that in the premium attention to detail.

Another feature that makes this lift chair the best sleep chair is its three-position recliner, which means that you can be in a reading, sleeping, or seated position. Even better, it comes with a remote control, so you can get into any position, including zero gravity position, with just the press of a button.

As a lift chair, it has dual motors, one in the back section and the other in the leg section. Both parts operate independently, so you'll feel relaxed in whatever position you want, whether you're sitting upright or lying completely flat. And the creme de la creme is that each sleep chair has an inbuilt heating option to help relax your muscles.

You can maintain the standard sitting position if you're in the company of friends and family, or you can recline if you want to watch TV or read a book. These lift chairs are available in different colors and fabric combinations, including genuine Italian leather. This means that you can customize it to fit any decor or theme.

However, some people might complain that the chair is a little too soft and they might sink into the seat. In essence, the product could use a little more firmness. Also, the sleep chair is great for taller people, but shorter folks? Not so much.


  • Comes with a remote control

  • Handcrafted with high-quality materials

  • The heating option helps to relax muscle tension

  • Durable and will provide luxurious comfort for many years

  • The lift can get taller and average-height people into a standing position


  • Might not be great for shorter people

  • Lacks firmness


Here are some specifications of Journey Health and Lifestyle Perfect Sleep Chair that make it one of the best reclining chairs around.

Colors and Materials

The Perfect Sleep Chair Color Options

In terms of colors and materials, these chairs are available in the following options:

New Brisa

Brisa Perfect Sleep Chair

This special faux leather features a great ventilation system that makes it perfect for any climate conditions. It's also scratch and stain-resistant and available in saddle, light gray spectra, and chocolate spectra colors.

Genuine Italian leather

The Perfect Sleep Chair

Like any item made of genuine Italian leather, the sitting chair speaks style and luxurious comfort. And unlike lesser-quality chairs, the entire chair is covered in 100% genuine leather. This Perfect Sleep chair is available in chestnut color.


The Perfect Sleep Chair Duralux

If you're aiming for something classic, then the DuraLux option is the best for you. Made with custom-manufactured fabric, this chair is one of the most stylish. Even better, it repels liquids and stains, and you can easily wipe it clean with warm water. You can get chairs of this kind in chocolate, blue, tan, and burgundy colors.


The Perfect Sleep Chair Microlux

The MicroLux chair is incredibly soft and plush, with an ultra-rich feel and a suede-like appearance. Chairs made with this material are durable and breathable. And like the DuraLux version, they're available in chocolate, blue, tan, and burgundy colors.


The Perfect Sleep Chair Positions

The best part about this power lift chair is that there's a position for everyone, and you can always get your desired position with just a remote. Here are the different positions you can enjoy with the Perfect Sleep chair:

  • Lift Position: This will help you switch between standing and sitting with no issues

  • Sitting Position: Sit in total comfort while in the company of friends and family

  • Reclining Position: This option is perfect for people who want to watch TV

  • Sleeping Position: You can create a personalized sleep position for a restful sleep

  • Zero Gravity Position: This helps to reduce pressure on your body and relieves you of aches

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Relaxation Zones

The Perfect Sleep Chair offers two kinds of relaxation zones, and they're explained below.

Two zones of relaxation

This sleeping chair provides comfort on two major parts of the body: lower limbs and upper body. Thanks to the dual motor design of these chairs, each area gets the adequate attention it needs to relieve pain and prove ultimate comfort.

For the upper body zone, you only need to press the button on the remote to allow the backrest to move independently to allow the back and shoulders to relax. In the case of the lower body (legs, knees, and calves), there's a footrest designed to cater to those areas.

Overall, the dual motors allow people in pain to get the most comfortable position to alleviate joint and muscle complaints.

Five zones of relaxation

This is a new Perfect Sleep Chair design that provides comfort to five body zones. In addition to the upper and lower body zones, this kind of chair also supports the lumbar spine, the head and neck, and the full body.

The lumbar zone has adjustable support that takes the pressure off the spine and relaxes the muscles. For the head and neck, there's a headrest that hugs and cradles the neck, supporting the spine in the process.

The full body option is a full-chair tilt feature that promotes circulation, gives you a feeling of weightlessness, and helps to release muscle tension throughout the body.

Choosing the Best Sleep Chair: Factors to Consider

Before settling for a sleep chair, here are some factors that you need to consider:

  • Adjustability: Different sleep chairs have adjustable leg or head rests. Some also come with different positions, so you should check out the one with this feature.

  • Size: Confirm that the sleep chair can accommodate your weight and height. You don't want something too small or big. Similarly, confirm that the chair can fit into your living space.

  • Materials: You should look out for materials that are durable and comfortable. You might also want to target a material or fabric that's easy to clean.

  • Additional features: Some sleep chairs have extra features such as heat, massage, and vibration functions. If you believe you'd benefit from this feature, you should consider them when getting a sleep chair.

  • Price: The prices of sleep chairs will vary based on the material, feature, and size. And additional features usually mean more money. If you're working with a tight budget, you might need to let go of some extra features and functions.

Who Can Use the Perfect Sleep Chair?

Basically, you can use this Perfect lift chair if you have balance or mobility issues, but that's not all. This power lift chair comes with massage and heat features, as well as a quality build that makes it highly comfortable and even perfect for people who want to sleep.

In essence, you can also benefit from the Perfect chair if you have insomnia and other problems that affect your sleeping pattern. And you can never go wrong with the zero gravity feature, which is customizable and helpful for people with circulation problems.

Furthermore, it's the most comfortable chair for people who are recuperating from surgery. People who suffer from back pain can also enjoy this chair, as there are positions they can take to alleviate pressure.

Overall, you can say that everyone can benefit from the sleep chair because even people with no issues can choose to recline on it.

Overall Benefits of the Perfect Sleep Chair

The Perfect Sleep Chair Heat

Here are other benefits you stand to gain by getting yourself one of these chairs.

Better Breathing

Getting this powered recliner is one sure way to get yourself to breathe better. The reclining chair helps to relax your diaphragm; you'll surely find yourself breathing better, especially if you experience heartburn, snoring, acid reflux, sleep apnea, etc. People who have had a heart attack can also benefit from the reclining chair.

Increased Blood Circulation

If you're mostly inactive, you can have blood circulation problems, so you need to do anything to improve your circulatory system. This is where a sleep chair comes in. Reclining on this chair will place your legs and heart on the same level, which will help combat poor circulation and swelling in the extremities. You'd find yourself feeling much better afterward.

Relaxed Nervous System

People dealing with depression, anxiety, and other mood disorder can rely on the Perfect sleep chair to feel better. Resting on one of these chairs can relax the central nervous system, helping you to get restful sleep and making you feel less anxious when you wake up.

Relieving Back Pain and Relaxing the Joints

As we get older and engage in more activities, we experience back and joint pains. With a lift chair, you can release pressure from those parts of your body, which will relieve you of pain and stiffness in your neck and back.

Aid Digestion

Indigestion is one problem that can keep you awake all night and make you restless throughout the day. Reclining on a sleep chair will help you breathe better and aid digestion in the process.

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Can I Sleep in a Recliner?

Yes, you can sleep in a recliner. In fact, a power lift chair provides better sleep than a regular mattress. Thanks to this chair's additional support, you can be sure of a sound sleep.

What's the Maximum Weight Capacity of the Chair?

The sleep chair is perfect for people with a max height of 6'4" and a max weight of 350 pounds. For shorter people, there's the Petite Perfect Sleep chair available.

Similarly, the recliner has a seat width of 20 inches and a depth of 21.5 inches. This makes it ideal for even adults on the larger side.

How Will the Perfect Sleep Chair Be Delivered to Me?

The brand offers the White Glove Delivery method to deliver sleep chairs to its customers. This means that the chair will be delivered to you, unpacked, and placed in your desired spot. The delivery people will also confirm that the chair is functional before hauling away all packaging materials.

How Can I Clean my Perfect Sleep Chair?

Although Perfect Sleep chairs are stain-resistant, you'd still need to clean them at some point. To do this, you can mix water and a little soap and wipe the area that needs cleaning. Don't use harsh cleaners or chemicals on them.

What Do I Do When There's No Power Supply?

In case there's no electricity to power your chair, you can use the battery backup system that comes with it. Simply add batteries, and you can keep using the chair.

Wrap Up

You don't have to rely entirely on regular mattresses for a good night's sleep. Sleeping chairs offer other benefits that you might not get from beds.

And in this case, it goes without saying that the Journey Health and Lifestyle Perfect Sleep Chair ticks all the boxes in terms of comfort level, adjustability, materials, and durability. This is why it's a favorite among the young and the old. And like they say, a trial will convince you. You can always get yourself one of these chairs and testify as well!


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