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Transformer 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter Review

Solax Transformer 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter Review

For elderly and disabled individuals, mobility scooters offer flexibility and versatility as owners can move around freely without risk of injury or other health problems.

While most mobility scooter models suitable for daily use, they can be cumbersome and hard to use when traveling. For example, if a scooter weighs several hundred pounds, it's hard to bring on an airplane or cruise ship.

Fortunately, the Solax 4-Wheel Transformer Scooter is the only folding mobility scooter on the market today. So, it goes wherever you go, no matter where your journey takes you. Let's dive in and discover what else this mobility scooter has to offer.

Blue Transformer 4 wheel mobility scooter Scooter

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Solax Transformer 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter Reviews

At just 53 pounds, this is one of the lightest and most portable mobility scooters on the market. You would think that folding mobility scooters would be relatively common, but Transformer has cornered the industry (so far).

Part of the reason this model is so easy to carry is that it comes with a lightweight lithium battery and a relatively light frame. The scooter can't be too heavy because it still has to fold for storage.

So, if you're living an active lifestyle and want to bring your mobility scooter on your travels, the Solax is pretty much the best option around. As the only ultra portable electric scooter, you can take it on flights, cruises, buses, and any other transportation methods you can imagine.

What makes this scooter even more amazing for being so light is that it has a 300-pound weight capacity. So, users of all sizes can still take advantage and get the flexibility and mobility they deserve.

  • Battery Life: 4.4

  • Portability: 4.8

  • Durability: 4.7

  • Price: 4.4


  • Fully electric folding scooter

  • Durable construction

  • Highly portable at just 53 pounds

  • Maximum speed of just under four mph

  • Battery range of 13.5 miles

  • Perfect for traveling

  • 300 lb weight limit


  • Not as powerful as other mobility scooters

  • More expensive than other models

If you're ready to begin your folding mobility scooter journey, click here to buy the Solax Transformer Folding Scooter.

Tranformer Mobility Scooter Folded

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Mobility Scooter Buying Guide

Before dropping any money on a new scooter, you need to know the different elements and features that can make it an essential part of your life. While mobility is the primary purpose, some components can make a world of difference when talking about how the scooter can benefit your life.

So, with that in mind, let's discuss the various features to pay attention to when buying a new mobility scooter.

Battery Life

While elements like maximum speed and weight capacity tell you who can use the scooter, you need something that won't lose power and die while you're riding it. So, battery life matters more than anything else because it will tell you how long you can use the scooter between charging sessions.

Most modern mobility scooters have extra-large lithium-ion batteries that can hold a charge for hours without losing any power or momentum. However, if you're choosing folding mobility scooters, you'll get a smaller battery, meaning you won't be able to use it for as long as a regular model.

Also, keep in mind the different elements that can affect the battery life, such as speed, incline, and weight. For example, if you're riding a mobility scooter uphill at max speed, the battery will die a lot faster than if you're riding casually downhill or on flat terrain.


One of the biggest problems you'll encounter with a regular mobility scooter is that the machine is just too heavy to carry. Typically, these models have a total weight of several hundred pounds, making them impossible to put on a bus or a plane.

Here is where something like the Solax Transformer Folding Mobility Scooter comes in handy. Because this model is so light, you can take it anywhere. This unique and original scooter helps you travel more efficiently because you can simply fold and go, no matter where your travels take you.

So, if you're looking to enhance mobility while still getting all the same features of a regular scooter, the Solax is an excellent choice.


One way to tell whether a mobility scooter is durable is to look at its weight capacity. Most models can carry up to 300 pounds easily, but some scooters are designed to carry more weight if necessary.

As a general rule, a folding mobility scooter should be less rugged than a standard model, but the Solax Transformer can still carry 300 pounds without getting too sluggish or sacrificing its performance.

Plus, if you're going to be carrying and transporting this scooter from one place to the next, you need something that can withstand the wear and tear that comes from repeated folding and unfolding.

Number of Wheels

As a four wheel mobility scooter, the Solax Transformer is more stable and easier to drive than any three-wheel model. Although you are sacrificing a tighter turning radius, you'll agree that the extra wheel is worth the investment.

One issue with three-wheeled scooters is that they can tip over more easily since you can shift the center of gravity quickly. Plus, if you're riding on rough or uneven terrain, three wheels are fundamentally less stable than four.


Finally, if you're going to buy a high-quality mobility scooter, you need to consider how much it will set you back financially. Cheap scooters can be around $1,000 or less, but the Solax Transformer retails for almost $4,000 without a discount.

Although a higher price point may be off-putting at first, you have to consider how much it will enhance mobility in your life. If you look at it as an investment, the price tag seems a bit more manageable. After all, how can you put a price on freedom?

FAQs About Transformer Scooter S3201

What is the lightest mobility scooter from Transformer?

The TravelScoot Escape is the lightest mobility scooter, but the S3201 model is much lighter than other models.

Does Medicare cover mobility scooters?

Yes, you can qualify for insurance coverage if you have a doctor's note. However, this process is pretty time-consuming and complicated, and you will likely have to wait a lot longer for approval than if you paid for the scooter outright.

Are 4-Wheel Mobility Scooters Better Than 3-Wheel Models?

Yes, four wheel scooters are much more stable and easier to drive than three-wheel devices.

The Bottom Line

Overall, if you're interested in a folding mobility scooter to help you live an active lifestyle, the Solax Transformer is the only choice. Because there are no other 4 wheel mobility scooter models that fold, you won't be able to get the same results with any other brand.

Although this model is not as powerful as other mobility scooters on the market today, it more than makes up for this setback by being as lightweight and portable as possible. Plus, with extra features like a 300-pound weight capacity, padded seat, and remote control option, this mobility scooter works for virtually any situation.

If you're ready to see what this 4 wheel mobility scooter can do for you, click here to buy it.

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