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Upbed Independence Reviews

Upbed Independence Reviews

Lift chairs have been a revolutionary invention for those who need help getting up from their chair when relaxing reading a book, or watching tv. Adjustable beds are another important piece of furniture for people with disabilities, or those who need a bed frame that can be used in a sitting position.

Though a lift bed frame isn't a brand new invention, the Journey Health and Lifestyle Upbed Independence bed is the most high quality, and aesthetically pleasing we have seen on the market. In this article we will review the Upbed Independence bed.

Journey Health and Lifestyle Upbed Independence Review

Upbed Independence

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The Upbed Independence is a premium memory foam mattress bed and sleep chair in one.

The bed has a wide range of adjustability. It lies flat in a sleeping position like any regular bed, but it also rotates 90 degrees to allow you to move the bed into a sitting position. The bed frame has guard rails that double as arm rests when it's in the sitting position.

You won't have to worry about a small weight capacity, this bed has a weight capacity of 500lbs which will be able to easily support most people. A ton of the options on the market are made of cheap materials and look like they belong in a hospital. The Upbed Independence was designed to look as close to a high-end bed as possible, while maintaining quality and functionality.

The Upbed independence also has a "seat up" position that is in a nearly standing position, this allows users to use the bed as a lift chair to allow them or their care taker to transfer to a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Worried your pet or someone else may be harmed by the lift chair function? Don't worry, the Upbed Independence bed has a motion sensitive under-bed safety light that will prevent any injuries.

Journey Health and Lifestyle Upbed Independence Reviews

Upbed Independence Remote Control

Adjustability settings: 5/5

  • Has a ton of different preset and customizable settings

    • Head Up/Head Down

    • Foot Up/Foot Down

    • Bed rotate

    • Seat Up/Seat Down

Weight Capacity: 5/5

Comfort: 4.9/5

  • The Upbed Independence is made from a super comfortable, yet supportive material. The ability to of the back and knee sections to operate independently ensure that if you are laying or sitting in a specific way too long, you can adjust the bed to relieve pressure point discomfort.

Upbed Independence USB Port


  • USB power outlets

  • Memory foam mattress

  • Chair position ability

  • White glove delivery available

  • Highly customizable body positions

  • Modern black frame

  • Cushioned armrests


  • Price is higher than some other models

  • Only one mattress firmness is available

Buyer's Guide For The Upbed Independence Bed

What type of mattress are you looking for?

The Upbed independence bed is a memory foam mattress, that provides a ton of support while also being very comfortable as both a chair and a bed.

What size bed are you looking for?

The Journey Health and Lifestyle Independence bed comes only in one size:

Upbed Independence Bed Dimensions

  • Length: 80"

  • Width: 38"

But, they also offer another called the Upbed Standard with the same dimensions, just less features and a lower price:

Upbed Standard Bed Dimensions

  • Length: 80 Inches

  • Width: 38 Inches

What features are you looking for in an adjustable bed?

If you're looking for a lift bed with all the special features you'd want such as

  • Elevate head ability

  • Elevate Legs ability

  • Customize body positions

  • Usb power outlets

  • 90 degree rotation

Then, the Upbed Independence is the perfect premium memory foam mattress adjustable bed for you! If you don't need the 90 degree, extra customizability of body positions, or the USB ports, then the Upbed Standard is a a great option for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are lift beds good?

Lift beds/adjustable beds are a great option for people dealing with injuries, blood flow issues, joint, or even gastrointestinal issues such as acid reflux. The adjustable beds help alleviate pain, inflammation, and other issues by putting your body in a more optimal position. For example, those with ankle swelling or fluid build up in their legs, may want to elevate their legs. While someone with acid reflux may want to use the lift bed to elevate their upper body to reduce reflux, without the need for medicine.

Can you get a prescription for an adjustable bed?

A person that is eligible for DME (Durable medical equipment), may qualify for a lift bed like the Upbed Independence. But, the doctor must write a prescription stating that the bed is medically necessary. Sometimes this process can take 6+ months, and most online stores do not accept Medicare as payment(Motion Selection included). So, if the price is a barrier for you, we offer financing with as low as 0% APR where you can make low monthly or bi-monthly payments.

Can you put a regular mattress on a lift bed?

The answer is, it depends on the brand. Most brands sell their mattresses and bed frames separately, in this case you will want to purchase a memory foam, latex, or any other mattress with no innerspring as those aren't compatible. Some brands, like Journey Health and Lifestyle Beds come with the mattress so you won't have to worry about choosing a mattress.

How much does a lift bed cost?

There is a wide range of prices for lift beds. The typical range for a lift bed is about $999 to $5,000. The price depends on the quality of the mattress, frame, and the warranty the bed offers.


If you're looking for a high-end medical bed, or lift bed we highly recommend the UPbed Independence. It has the best features out of any other lift bed on the market!

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Upbed Standard

If the UPBed Independence is out of your price range, check out the UPBed Standard. It has a similar look and some of the same features, except the 90 degree rotation and a few other safety features. It comes in at at more affordable price point.

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