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Zinger Wheelchair Review

You don't have to sacrifice style and comfortability because of mobility issues and challenges.

The Zinger Chair is an easy-to-operate mobility device that meets the needs of those with cardiovascular issues or walking limitations.

Zinger Chair Review - Motion Selection

Zinger Chair Key Features

The Zinger chair is more than a medical device. It's a personal electric vehicle that will go where you want to go so you can do what you want to do.

  1. The small folded size of the lightweight folding power chair makes it easy to travel.

  2. It allows you to maneuver compact indoor spaces easier because of Zinger's compact turning radius.

  3. The Zinger chair has a high-capacity battery that can keep you going for up to 8 miles.

  4. The weight limit is 275 pounds.

  5. You aren't limited to indoor and paved surfaces. The Zinger chair allows you to venture out on the grass, dirt, and even gravel.

Zinger Chair DimensionsPros & Cons of Zinger

As with all things, the Zinger chair has benefits and drawbacks that you'll need to consider.


  • It has a compact fold of 10 inches, making it suitable to stash behind a car's seat and enabling straightforward access.

  • The Zinger chair is a lightweight folding power chair that weighs just 47 pounds, including the battery.

  • The manufacturer ships the chair fully assembled.

  • The Zinger is easy to set up and folds down.

  • It is super straightforward to use, so you don't have to deal with an unreasonable learning curve.

  • The armrests come attached, but you can remove them easily with the Hex Key. And, it makes it easy to pull up to any table or desk.


  • The steering and brakes of a Zinger are controlled using the left and right side levers. If you're used to using joysticks or only have access to one hand, you may prefer another chair.

  • Medicare doesn't cover the cost of a Zinger chair.

  • It doesn't have an initiation key. So, you'll need to remove the battery or use a chain to secure the chair to a tree or bike rack.

  • The swinging foot plate isn't adjustable. But the Zinger is made to fit people of most sizes.

  • And the same goes for the back rest and seat. You can purchase additional padding if you need a little more comfort.

Blue Zinger Chair Side ViewZinger Chair Specifications at a Glance

  • Cost - on sale at Motion Selection for $2699

  • Folding size - Height: 10in., Length: 36 in., Width: 25 in.

  • The overall weight of the chair - 47 pounds (including the battery)

  • Seat bottom - Height: 19 in. (measured from floor), Seat depth: 15 in., Seat width: 16.5 in.

  • Colors - Black, Blue, & Green

  • Weight capacity - 275 pounds

  • Front Wheels - 6 Inch Solid

  • Rear Wheels - 9 Inch Air Filled

  • Warranty - 30-day risk-free trial and a Zinger one-year limited warranty

  • Battery life - up to 3 years, but it depends on usage and condition

Green Zinger ChairFreedom of Movement

Oh, there's even more to the Zinger. It allows you to unleash the power of mobility.

  • Speed - 0-1 mph for low speed indoor use on smooth floors or carpet, 0-3 mph for walking pace outdoors, 0-6 mph for climbing hills

  • Reverse- 0-1 mph

  • Maximum climbing angle - 10 degrees

  • Rotation radius - 24 inches

  • Steering & Brake system - Two lever control system - steel on tire brake, knurled roller on the tire brake

Mobility scooters don't always give you an adequate turning radius. The Zinger chair allows you quite literally to turn on a dime.

You don't have to worry if you'll fit through a doorway, either. ADA-compliant doors are 32" wide, which is no problem for the Zinger.

Zinger Chair Front View

How a Zinger Chair Works

The ease of use starts on day one. The Zinger comes to you fully assembled, so you can just unfold it and take it for a spin.

  • You'll need to charge the battery before the first use. Plug it into the included charger and plug the cord into an outlet. It can take upward of five hours to get a full charge.

  • Now you can unfold the Zinger and place its wheels down. Hold the front tube of the seat at arms length. Use your other hand to pull up on the release cable.

  • Your Zinger chair will start to unfold. Pull the seat back tube, and it will open the chair. You'll hear both release pins click when they're in the proper position.

  • One of the safety features is that the parking brake automatically sets when the chair unfolds. You do want to double-check to confirm it's activated. If you're setting the parking brake manually, pull up on the levers until they click.

  • Once it's charged, snap the battery in the back of the chair and lock it in place with the Hex Key.

  • Using the control panel in the chair's right arm, you will adjust the speed between low, medium, and high. It's always where you will power the chair off by pressing the power button for three seconds.

  • A Zinger chair is relatively easy to operate, but you will need to get a knack for it.

  • Make sure you are familiar with where both hand levers are - on each side.

  • You'll pull up on both levers when you need to stop or slow down

Zinger Chair Movement ArmMoving forward will require you to push down on the same levers. There's a trigger that will allow you to adjust your speed.
  • When turning left, you'll pull up on the left lever simultaneously while pushing down on the right.

  • When turning right, you'll pull up on the right lever simultaneously while pushing down on the left lever.

  • For sudden stops, pull hard on both the left and right levers.

  • Place the front wheels on the ground when refolding the chair. You'll hold on to the seat front bar and, with the other hand, pull the release cable. Fold the chair's back until it meets the seat. You'll hear the release pins once it's safely locked.

Zingers & Air Travel

The lightweight folding power chair is so compact that you can check it as airline baggage. You will need to carry the battery into the cabinet with you.

The airline will need to know if you're carrying a lithium-ion battery onboard. And if you've upgraded the Zinger battery through the Zinger website to the Lone Ranger, you won't be allowed to bring it on the plane.

Joystick Zoomer

One of the cons of a Zinger is that it's not controlled by a joystick.

But have no fear; they offer a Zoomer model with all of the benefits of a Zinger and an easy-to-use joystick.

Zoomer Control System

For those with the only use of one hand benefits the most from the Zoomer. The simple joystick gives you to the ability to go where you want, whether carpet or gravel.

Every Zoomer has a seat with breathable honeycomb mesh, so you can enjoy eight hours of adventuring without breaking a sweat.

Black Zoomer ChairWho is Zinger?

Journey Health & Lifestyle manufactures the Zinger chair to help people remain active, independent, and connected to the community around them.

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, the fantastic lightweight power wheelchair tops a lot of Zinger wheelchair reviews.

If you're looking for a joystick chair, they also offer a Zoomer model that has all of the benefits of the Zinger.

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