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Aostirmotor | 500W Versatile E-Bike - S18-MINI

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Introducing the 500W Versatile E-Bike, the perfect blend of power and versatility for your cycling adventures! Here's a snappy product overview to give you a taste of what this e-bike has to offer:


  1. Powerful Motor: With a 500W motor, this e-bike packs a punch, giving you the extra boost you need to tackle hills and cruise effortlessly on any terrain.

  2. Long-lasting Battery: The 45V/15AH Li-battery provides ample power for your rides, allowing you to go the distance and explore more without worrying about running out of juice.

  3. Speedy Performance: With a max speed of 25Mph, the 500W Versatile E-Bike lets you zip around town or hit the trails with ease, making your rides faster and more thrilling.

  4. Easy-to-use Display: The SW-U-LCD display keeps you in control, allowing you to easily monitor your speed, battery level, and more, giving you a seamless riding experience.

  5. Quality Assurance: Built to last, this e-bike comes with quality assurance, ensuring that you're getting a reliable and durable product that will withstand your adventures.

  6. All-terrain Tires: The 20 x 4.0 inch fat tires provide excellent traction and stability on various terrains, from sand to snow, making it a versatile choice for your outdoor explorations.

  7. Smooth Gear Shifting: The 7 gears made by Shimano offer smooth and precise gear shifting, giving you the flexibility to adjust your riding style to your preference and the terrain you're tackling.

  8. Lightweight and Durable: Constructed with a 6061 aluminum alloy frame, this e-bike is lightweight yet sturdy, providing a comfortable and reliable riding experience.

  9. Smooth Ride: The spring front suspension absorbs shocks and bumps, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride, even on rough terrain, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable cycling experience.

  10. Reliable Braking: Equipped with disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels, this e-bike offers reliable stopping power, ensuring your safety and giving you peace of mind during your rides.

In summary, the 500W Versatile E-Bike is a powerful, reliable, and versatile choice for all your cycling adventures, providing you with a thrilling and comfortable ride every time you hit the road or trail!


  • 500 Watts Motor
  • 45V/15AH Li-Battery
  • Max Speed: 25Mph
  • SW-U-LCD Display
  • Quality Assurance
  • 20 x 4.0 Inch Fat Tire
  • 7 Gears Made by Shimano
  • 6061 Aluminum Allow
  • Spring Front Suspension
  • Disc Brakes: Front and Rear


500W Versatile EBike S18-MINI


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If you want to return the electric bicycle without defective or damaged, we only accept return requests submitted within 30 days of delivery. Please contact customer service staff ( within 30 days. We will not accept return of bicycles without defective or damaged after 30 days.The ebike must have less than ten miles on the odometer, be free of any wear, dirt, dust, fragrance, or any other signs of use. And must be in the same packaging and condition that you receive it and must include all items that were inside the box (bike, charger, keys, kit, etc.).

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b. You need to pack the bicycle according to our requirements, take pictures after packing and send them to us.

c. After getting authorization from the customer service staff, we will send you a prepaid label. You need to print our label and affix on the box.

d. Your refund will be returned within three working days after our warehouse confirms receipt of the goods. Due to the reason of the bank, the refund time may be somewhat delayed.

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All the accessories

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