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Karman Healthcare T-920W | 22 Inch Heavy Duty Transport Wheelchair with Removable Footrest and Armrest

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Product Overview

This T-920 & T-922 Deluxe BariatricTransport Wheelchair adds to our line of high-strength dual cross braces. It supports up to 450 lbs. due to its reinforced steel frame. It’s more than heavy-duty, it's peace of mind to know the durability of the wheelchair is there to stand the test of time. A truly heavy-duty wheelchair starts at 20″ width and we even have a 22″ option.

Some of the great features you will find on this unit includes its detachable armrest and swing-away footrest making it incredibly easy to transfer in and out of the wheelchair and ease of accessing tables and other usages for this function. This unit with its specially formulated nylon upholstery is easy to fold up. You can fold it up in seconds; making it a great choice for the on-the-go user. The comfort is really built into this chair providing all-day comfort and a custom adjustable footrest.


  • Padded detachable desk length armrests
  • 20” or 22″ seat with carrying loops for transporting convenience
  • Swing-away footrests w/ heel-loop
  • 8” front caster, 12 ½” rear solid polyurethane tire
  • Manual lock brakes
  • 450 Weight Capacity
  • Frame Color: Red
  • High-grade flame retardant, breathable nylon upholstery
  • Dual Cross Bars
  • 20” x 18” or 22” x 18” Seat Width


                                                                            HCPCS Code E1038*
                                                                            Seat Width 20 inch., 22 inch.
                                                                            Seat Depth 18 inch.
                                                                            Seat Height 21 inch.
                                                                            Back Height 16 inch.
                                                                            Overall Height 36 inch.
                                                                            Overall Open Width 25 inch., 27 inch.
                                                                            Weight Without Riggings 40 lbs., 44 lbs.
                                                                            Weight Capacity 450 lbs.
                                                                            Shipping Dimensions N/A

                                                                            Manual and Guides

                                                                            Owner's Manual

                                                                            Thank you for purchasing a Karman product.

                                                                            Please refer to the warranty card attached to each product for more information on policies and procedures. The warranty is extended only to the original purchase and delivery of the product.  Warranty is not transferable.  Parts or materials which are subjected to normal wear and tear which must be replaced / repaired are the owner’s responsibility.  Damaged caused by user negligence, accidental damages intentional or not are not covered under Factory warranty.  Arm pad and upholsteries are not covered by warranty.   It is recommended that any claims under warranty be returned to the authorized dealer for service through whom it was purchased from.

                                                                            If Warranty Registration Card is not on file for the claim product, then a copy of the invoice with the date of purchase must be provided.  The warranty period for the consumer commences on the purchase date of the seller.  The warranty period for the seller, if the products are not to be sold to a consumer, commences on the invoice date from Karman.  The warranty is void on wheelchairs that have had the serial # tag removed and/or altered.

                                                                            Furthermore, products which have been subjected to negligence, abuse, improper storage, or handling, improper operation, any modifications, misuse are not covered by the warranty.

                                                                            All warranty repairs or replacements must have prior authorization from Karman with freight prepaid. Karman reserves the right to issue call tags for any warranty repairs, which is situation dependent. Should a field action or recall occur. Karman will identify the affected units and contact your Karman dealer with instructions for resolution. Warranty registration are still advised.  To ensure records are quickly retrieved with corresponding customer and serial number for your medical equipment. Thank you for filling out this form.  Please see RMA policy for further details, rules, and restrictions.

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                                                                            Product Warranty

                                                                            Ergonomic Wheelchairs

                                                                            PRODUCTLIMITED LIFETIME FRAME1 YEAR PARTS1 YEAR FRAMENO WARRANTY
                                                                            *Handle Grips
                                                                            PRODUCT SPECIFICWARRANTY CARD
                                                                            S-ERGO 105XX XS-100 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            S-ERGO 106XX X S-100 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            S-ERGO 115XX XS-100 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            S-ERGO 125XXXS-100 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            S-ERGO 305XXXS-300 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            S-ERGO FlightXXX S-2512 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            S-ERGO LiteX XX S-2501 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            S-ERGO ATXX XXS-ERGO ATX Manual/Warranty

                                                                            Lightweight Wheelchairs

                                                                            PRODUCTLIMITED LIFETIME FRAME1 YEAR PARTS1 YEAR FRAMENO WARRANTY
                                                                            *Handle Grips
                                                                            PRODUCT SPECIFICWARRANTY CARD
                                                                            802-DYXX6 months parts802-DY Manual/Warranty
                                                                            KM-802FXX6 months partsKM-802F series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            KM-3520XX6 months partsKM-3520 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            KM-9020XX6 months partsKM-9020 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            LT-700TXX6 months partsKN-700 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            LT-800TXX6 months parts KN-800 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            LT-980XX6 months partsLT-980 Manual/Warranty
                                                                            LT-K5XX6 months partsLT-K5 Manual/Warranty


                                                                            Transport Wheelchairs

                                                                            PRODUCTLIMITED LIFETIME FRAME1 YEAR PARTS1 YEAR FRAMENO WARRANTY
                                                                            *Handle Grips
                                                                            PRODUCT SPECIFICWARRANTY CARD
                                                                            KM-2020XXX6 months partsKM-2020 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            KM-5000-TPXXX6 months partsKM-5000 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            MVP-502-TPXXX6 months partsMVP-502 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            LT-1000-HBXX6 months partsLT-1000 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            LT-2000XX6 months partsLT-2000 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            S-115-TPXXX6 months partsS-115 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            T-900XX6 months partsT-900 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            T-2700XX6 months partsT-2700 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            S-2501XX6 months partsS-2501series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            TV-10BXXX6 months partsTV-10B series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            VIP-515XXX6 months partsVIP-515 series Manual/Warranty


                                                                            Standard Wheelchairs

                                                                            PRODUCT LIMITED LIFETIME FRAME1 YEAR PARTS1 YEAR FRAMENO WARRANTY
                                                                            *Handle Grips
                                                                            PRODUCT SPECIFICWARRANTY CARD
                                                                            KN-700TXX6 months partsKN-700 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            KN-800TXX6 months partsKN-800 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            LT-700TXX6 months partsLT-700 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            LT-800TXX6 months partsLT-800 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            PRODUCT LIMITED LIFETIME FRAME1 YEAR PARTS1 YEAR FRAMENO WARRANTY
                                                                            *Handle Grips
                                                                            PRODUCT SPECIFICWARRANTY CARD
                                                                            KM-BT10-22W KM-BT10-24W KM-BT10-26W KM-BT10-26W KM-BT10-28W KM-BT10-30WXXX6 months partsKMBT10series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            KM-8520W KM-8520-22WXXX6 months partsKM8520 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            KN-920WXX6 months partsKN-920 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            KN-922WXX6 months partsKN-922 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            KN-924W KN-926W KN-928WXX6 months partsKN-924 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            T-920 T-922XX6 months partsT-900 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            KN-880-NE KN-880-WEXX6 months partsKN-880 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            MVP-502 MVP-502-TPXXX6 months partsMVP-502-Manual/Warranty
                                                                            KM-5000F KM-5000-TPXXX6 months partsKM-5000 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            PRODUCT  LIMITED LIFETIME FRAME1 YEAR PARTS1 YEAR FRAMENO WARRANTY
                                                                            *Handle Grips
                                                                            PRODUCT SPECIFICWARRANTY CARD
                                                                            R-3600X6 months partsRollator Manual/Warranty
                                                                            R-4100X6 months partsRollator Manual/Warranty
                                                                            R-4100NX6 months partsRollator Manual/Warranty
                                                                            R-4200X6 months partsRollator Manual/Warranty
                                                                            R-4600X6 months partsRollator Manual/Warranty
                                                                            R-4602X6 months partsRollator Manual/Warranty
                                                                            R-4608X6 months partsRollator Manual/Warranty
                                                                            R-4700X6 months partsRollator Manual/Warranty
                                                                            R-4800X6 months partsRollator Manual/Warranty
                                                                            KW-100X6 months partsRollator Manual/Warranty

                                                                            Reclining/ Tilt In Space Wheelchairs

                                                                            PRODUCTLIMITED LIFETIME FRAME1 YEAR PARTS1 YEAR FRAMENO WARRANTY
                                                                            *Handle Grips
                                                                            PRODUCT SPECIFICWARRANTY CARD
                                                                            MVP-502-MS MVP-502-TPXXX6 months partsMVP-502-Manual/Warranty
                                                                            KM-5000-TP KM-5000-MSXXX6 months partsKM-5000 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            KN-880XX6 months partsKN-880 series Manual/Warranty
                                                                            VIP-515-TP VIP-515-MSXXX6 months partsVIP-515 series Manual/Warranty

                                                                            Stand Up Wheelchairs

                                                                            PRODUCTLIMITED LIFETIME FRAME1 YEAR PARTS1 YEAR FRAMENO WARRANTY
                                                                            *Handle Grips
                                                                            PRODUCT SPECIFICWARRANTY CARD
                                                                            XO-101 3 YEARS FRAME; 1 YEAR ELECTRICAL; 1 YEAR MOTOR / TRANSAXLEXO-101 Manual/Warranty
                                                                            XO-202 3 YEARS FRAME; 1 YEAR ELECTRICAL; 1 YEAR MOTOR / TRANSAXLEXO-202 Manual/Warranty

                                                                            We do not accept medicare or insurance as payment.

                                                                            However, we do offer PayPal and Shop Pay as a payment option.

                                                                            You can finance and pay low monthly payments. There are options for weekly or bi-monthly payments depending on your credit profile.

                                                                            Medicare and other insurance companies make it difficult for you to obtain a mobility scooter or power wheelchair. The process can take up to six months before approval.

                                                                            To obtain a power wheelchair or mobility scooter through Medicare, you must prove to a doctor that you are not able to ambulate (walk or move around), even with assistance devices such as a walker, rollator, cane, etc.

                                                                            This process can keep you from being able to travel, or move around freely for months; therefore, it's best to pay for the product via a payment option if you do not have the ability to pay it all at once.