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Merits Health | MK 22NF Gel Battery - M22NF SLD G

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MK Battery’s Sealed Gel Cell Batteries are the standard by which all other Gel Cell batteries are judged. Advanced American Technology and the use of the most modern computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques combine to make MK Battery’s Gel Cell Batteries the best money can buy.

MK Battery supplies batteries that are manufactured under the most versatile computer control battery formation system and technology to achieve the highest quality. The automated, computer-controlled system provides programmed functions for steps of current, time, voltage, temperature, and event control to match the performance specifications of your application requirements.


      • Popular Applications: RV, Marine, Solar, Communications, Power Wheelchairs, Lifts, Etc.
      • Gel Cell design yields extreme Deep Cycle service Performance rating
      • Less than 2% per month standing self-discharge.
      • Maintenance Free
      • Valve Regulated
      • Float and Cycle Use
      • High Discharge Rate
      • Gel Cell design may offer greater reliability in extreme temperature applications
      • Leak Proof/Spill Proof
      • High-quality battery/better uniformity


              • Overall Dimensions (L X W X H) 8.99 x 5.47 x 9.26 in
              • DC Output Voltage 12 V
              • BCI Group 22NF
              • Cycle Charging Voltage 13.8 - 14.6 volts
              • Float Charging Voltage 13.4 - 13.6 volts
              • Amp/Hr 51 AH
              • Capacity At C/100 58 AH
              • Capacity At C/20 51 AH
              • Capacity At C/5 43.2 AH
              • Operating Temperature -76°F (-60°C) - 140°F (60°C)
              • Weight 37.5 lb.
              • UPC 646444322133


              **Note: Images shown might not be exactly the brand you'll get since Merits Health (Does not manufacture batteries) has a lot of affiliated companies they get their batteries from.